Sunday, January 5, 2020

Craft Room ~ Studio Tour

New Craft Space!

Now that my "kids" are adults and living on their own, we decided to turn the girls' old room into a studio. This is beyond amazing for me. As 1 of 10 kids I've never had a real room of my own (even my apartments as a young adult were Studio Apartments or shared). I feel SO blessed to have a space of my very own!

Crafty Corner in my bedroom.
Up until now, I've been using these craft cubes from Michaels stacked together with a closet shelf from Lowes sitting on top as the counter. I literally had a 14"x14" space to craft in. More often than not I would have piles behind me on the bed while I was working. It was really cramped, but it worked (at least until bedtime when I had to clean everything up).

Close Up of Crafty Corner
At one point I moved the entire unit to the family room so I could craft near the family but then I lost the bed surface

View As You Enter
Now I have a beautiful new room to craft in. As you enter, you can see part of my old desk on the right, the girls' old desk on the left (office stuff), a folding table in the center (for overflow) and my new desk on the far wall (from IKEA). The bookcases on the far left and right are left over from the kids' school days and provide great shelf storage.

Right Wall (with part of old desk)
Here's a better view of the right wall. The triptych of canvases are from IKEA and the lamp is from Walmart. I put part of the old desk on this wall. This space is great for cutting, die cutting, letting things dry, etc.

Left Wall (with part of old desk)
On the left wall is the rest of the old desk (which may or may not stay) and an Alex unit from IKEA. This provides great storage for inks, watercolor papers and supplies, punches, and mixed media stuff. Since it's on wheels it can be rolled to the center of the room if the folding table isn't set up, but I like it right where it is for now. In the center of the room is a folding table that is a catch-all when I'm crafting and also provides a place for the dogs to "hide" under while they keep me company. 

Back Wall (between door and closet)
This small space between the door and the closet used to house the girls' dresser. Now it has their old desk which functions as office space and also as a great nail salon I am SO very thankful to have such an inspiring place to work. 

Thanks so much for stopping by! Hugs, Eileen

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